What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions add length and volume to existing fringe, eliminating the need for mascara. Beauty in the Blink uses a classic single lash technique to create a natural luscious appearance. Various lash lengths and sizes are available as well as silk and mink options. Your lash technician will help you decide what look is best for you! Extensions are perfect for day to day wear, weddings, vacations and many other special events.


What is the application process and how does it feel?

With a classic lash application, each extension is applied one by one to the existing natural lash which looks and feels perfectly natural. A medical grade glue is used to place the extension. Depending on how many natural lashes you have, a full set can take between one and a half hours to two hours. Fills can take anywhere from twenty-five to forty-five minutes. During the application process many clients say it feels as if a butterfly is dancing on their lashes.

How do I maintain my lash look?

You can maintain your lashes indefinitely by coming in for fills. As your natural lashes grow out and new ones grow in, new extensions will need to be placed in order to maintain your desired look. On average you will need to schedule a fill every two to three weeks.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

With a clean face! Please remove all eye make up and mascara before your appointment begins.

How long do extensions last and how do I care for them?

On average extensions last about two to four weeks. This varies based on day to day activities and your own natural lash cycle. As your natural lash grows and falls out, the extension will come off with it. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to see an extension on your pillow. This is perfectly normal! For the first twenty-four hours it is important to avoid water because the glue is still curing. Steam and oil based eye make up remover should be avoided as well because it will strip the glue causing your extensions to fall off faster.