24 Hour Policy for Cancellation or Changes

Please be mindful of changes that need to be made to your appointment, and notify us at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid additional charges. This allows us enough time to offer that time slot to another guest and notify our technicians of their new schedule so that they can plan their day accordingly. Missed appointments (NO SHOWS) will be charged $30 at the time of their next appointment.

Late Arrivals

Arriving late will cut into your session time and may result in additional charges if your appointment has to be cancelled. Out of respect for other guests, we cannot cut into another guest’s appointment time to make up for your lost appointment minutes if you are late.


If you are dissatisfied with your new set of lashes we will gladly give you a COMPLIMENTARY touch up within 7 days of your initial visit or remove the extensions at NO CHARGE. Contact us immediately so that we can make time to squeeze you in.  There are no refunds on services rendered. No exceptions.


Cell Phones

Should be turned onto silent mode and put away in order to minimize distractions and potential hazards—this is especially crucial for eye and brow services, which involves the use of tweezers and adhesives around the delicate eye area, and therefore requires a great deal of focus and precision on the part of our technicians. Please be courteous and respectful of your technician’s time and work by keeping your phone on silent until you have left the session room.


Blink Club

No commitment required

Join the Blink Club at the beginning of any month and end when you want. There are no commitments! Each month that you are a member you will have unlimited lash fills based on the membership of your choice. No contracts, no obligation.

Billed the 1st of every month

Billing is simple. Start at the beginning of the month, and get unlimited fills until you cancel. To cancel, you must notify us before the first of the month. Unfortunately we can't do refunds once you have been charged for a month.

Blink club memberships give you infinite lash fills

Do you love always having fresh lashes? Come in as often as you like for fills so you always have the perfect lashes.

75% off full sets!

Fill won't do? We'll give you 75% of a fresh full set. This does not include the initial first set. When you sign up for the Blink Club, you cannot get the 75% discount on full sets until you have done your first fill.


 If you wear contacts, please bring a contact case, as contacts should not be worn during the lash application process. Further, we recommend that you wait 12 to 24 hours after your service before wearing your contacts again in order to minimize potential infections or irritation to the eyes.


Lash Fills

  • We cannot guarantee lash extensions for any length of time.  There are a number of factors including personal hygiene, skin type, weather, workout routine and much more that can effect your lash cycle and the  attached extensions.  
  • All eye make needs to be removed PRIOR to your appointment.  
  • If at any time you have less than 10 extensions per eye, the purchase of a full set will be required unless you are a Blink Club Member.
  • If it has been more than one month since your last appointment, the purchase of a full set will be required regardless of how many lash extensions you have remaining—lash extensions need professional grooming by a qualified technician at least once per month in order to be in maintained in proper condition so that new extensions can be applied successfully.
  • We cannot guarantee the work of other salons; if you already have eyelash extensions from another salon, there may be additional fees if the lash extensions were not applied correctly and need to be removed. The lash extension removal fee is $35. A full set must then be purchased.
  • Your natural lashes shed on a regular basis. To maintain the look of your full set, lash fills are recommended every two weeks. Our technicians can only work with whatever time has been booked. If it has been more than two weeks since your last visit, we recommend that you book the next level up. For example, if you normally get a Small Fill and you need to book 3 weeks out, it is best to book a Medium Fill to allow your technician enough time to catch you up.